SBOA Tenant Insurance

Don’t let disaster catch you out! Protect your stored items with SBOA Tenant Insurance

Are You Protected?

Tenant insurance can compensate you for losses caused by a wide range of disasters

At Seguin Storage, we aim to provide a safe, secure storage space for all of our tenants - but we can’t protect against everything. Tenant insurance is there to compensate you in the case of a natural disaster, fire, or other unlikely occurrence.

**We require that every tenant purchase one month of coverage from SBOA upon renting a new storage unit. After that month, you’re free to swap over to coverage of your own.**

All storage units must be protected by an approved form of insurance or tenant protection plan. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Our Insurance Policy

We understand that the items you store in your storage unit are important to you. However, our storage facility is not responsible for your property in the event of property loss. For this reason, our rental agreement requires that each tenant maintain insurance coverage on their stored property. 

During the online rental or kiosk rental process, tenants are required to select one of our insurance offerings to ensure coverage at the start of the rental agreement. 

Maintaining our insurance offering is highly recommended, given its many benefits. If you'd like to use your own insurance in place of one of our offerings, please provide a copy of the declaration page of your policy to our storage rental office and your SBOA insurance selection can be removed from your account after one month. 

Please note tenant insurance is ONLY available for storage units, not parking spaces.

Have questions about coverage options? Contact SBOA with any questions you may have:

Cornerstone Insurance Producers, LLC

425 North Prince Street, Suite 101

Lancaster, PA 17604


About the SBOATI Program

SBOA Tenant Insurance (SBOATI) is an insurance product that was created by self storage owners for self storage owners, with tenants in mind. Since its foundation in 2011, SBOATI has taken a leading role in the self storage industry. 

For the past six years in a row, we’ve been rated the Best Tenant Insurance by Inside Self Storage.


  • “A” Rated Carriers
  • Competitive Monthly Rates
  • Zero Deductible
  • Multiple Coverage Options are Available
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